Welcome to Vienna

Out and about in Vienna and in Austria with your personal guide: Historical, cultural and humorous expeditions through city and country!

As a state-certified tour guide I arrange exclusive tours in German or English through Vienna and/or Austria - tailor-made according to your personal wishes and areas of interest!

Full of curiosity and with a lot of humour I would like to take you on a tour of Vienna and around Austria to discover its residents, history, culture, but also its buildings, streets and squares.

About me

In the beginning I was fascinated by the stories told by my parents, grandparents and teachers.

Since my early childhood I have been interested in the history of my home. In the beginning I was fascinated by the numerous stories my parents and grandparents told about the city of Vienna and about Austria. Later, I continued to pursue this interest by my own research and have continued to develop my knowledge. In addition to my studies in physics Vienna and Graz I was always looking for interesting books and lectures about the history and important figures of this country.

My qualification as a certified tourist guide enables me to share this knowledge with you and to make new discoveries.

Classic Walks

During these tours, I will talk about all important topics along the walk, so that you can gain a small but comprehensive insight into the history, culture and art of the city of Vienna. The classic VIENNA walks are particularly suitable for getting to know Vienna. more

Special topic Walks

My expeditions on various topics from history, art history, everyday life, museums, etc. are as diverse as the capital and the whole country, more